Awards and acknowledgments granted to inpEV and the Campo Limpo System

InpEV has earned, along its trajectory, around 30 awards.

In 2017, the Institute won the Agrow Awards Prize, Prize in the Best Packaging Innovation category. This award is granted by the British magazine Agrow and represents one of the most important acknowledgments of the agribusiness world.

In 2016, it won the Abrasca Annual Report Award in the Non-Corporate Organizations category. This initiative recognizes the best publications of accountability to stakeholders on the criteria of information transparency and clarity.

In 2015, inpEV was among the finalists of the Agrow International Award, in the Stewardship category, for implementing the itinerant collection stations for empty crop protection packaging.

inpEV's president, João Rando, was considered one of the 100 most influential personalities of the agricultural sector, according to the ranking organized by magazine Dinheiro Rural.

Learn about other awards:

  • 2017

    Agrow Awards 2017 Prize, in the Best Packaging Innovation category, with Ecocaps, a high-performance sealing system manufactured by Campo Limpo Tampas e Resinas Plásticas Ltda;

    Environmentally Friendly Company and Abrampa Trophy, criado com o objetivo de promover, difundir e aprimorar o uso eficiente dos recursos naturais, a preservação do meio ambiente, as melhores práticas e o apoio a projetos socioambientais sustentáveis, durante evento na cidade de São Paulo promovido pela Associação Brasileira dos Membros do Ministério Público do Meio Ambiente;

    A 2016 National Clean Field Day campaign received two excellence certificates in the Latin America SABRE Awards, the most important global award of the Public Relations market: – "Public Education" and "Reputation Management";

    Highlight in the 5th Innovation Sustainability Ranking, due to its management of the logistics program of empty crop protection packaging.

  • 2016

    12th Brazil Environmental Award: awarded by Amcham RJ/ES, inpEV won in the Solid Waste category;

    Abrasca Annual Report Award: an award that acknowledges the best accountability publications for stakeholders on the criteria of information transparency and clarity. The inpEV report won in the Non-Corporate Organization category;

    Ranking of the 100 most influential personalities of the agricultural sector: for the third consecutive time, inpEV's president, João Rando, was part of this list elaborated by the Dinheiro Rural magazine.

  • 2015

    LIDE Agribusiness Award: winner in the Crop Protection category, given to inpEV's president, João Rando;

    Ranking of the 100 most influential personalities of the agricultural sector: : inpEV president, João Rando, was part of this list elaborated by Dinheiro Rural magazine;;

  • 2014

    Statesman Homero Pereira Agribusiness Merit Award: granted by the Rural Development, Supply, Cattle and Agriculture Committee and the Board of Directors of the House of Representatives, which awards public or private institutions or citizens who carry out work or actions focusing on the agricultural sector;

    Sustainable Management Casein Agriculture: : acknowledgment granted by Mapa (Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supply). In 2014, inpEV stood out for its work in eliminating crop protection products prohibited by law in the field;

    Ranking of the 100 most influential personalities of the agricultural sector: : inpEV president, João Rando, was part of this list elaborated by Dinheiro Rural magazine.

  • 2013

    Sustainable Management Case in Agriculture: acknowledgment granted by Mapa. In 2014, inpEV stood out with its work to eliminate crop protection products prohibited by law from the field; in 2013, recognition came from the operations of the Campo Limpo System.

  • 2010

    CropLife Latin America 2010: : non-profit organization formed by eight companies and members in 18 Latin American countries, having the purpose of promoting good agricultural practices, protect user and consumer health and preserve the environment. As a result of inpEV's work, which placed Brazil in a prominent global position regarding the disposal of empty crop protection packaging, the Institute has become an honorary member of this organization;

    Prêmio Internacional Agrow: ganhador na categoria Stewardship, que reconhece pessoas, empresas e associações que se destacam na gestão sustentável de produtos fitossanitários. O prêmio é um dos mais importantes do agronegócio mundial e é concedido pela revista britânica Agrow. O Instituto foi agraciado em diversas ocasiões e obteve recomendação especial da comissão julgadora pelo fechamento do ciclo de vida das embalagens com a produção da Ecoplástica, desenvolvida pela Campo Limpo Reciclagem e Transformação de Plásticos S.A;

    VI ABMR&A Rural and Agribusiness Marketing Communication Show: this event is promoted by the Brazilian Association of Rural Marketing and recognizes outstanding initiatives in improving communication management and its techniques. inpEV was champion in the Service Campaign category with the film The Two Sides of Awareness, a third educational campaign launched by inpEV with support from the Federal Government and starring scarecrow Olimpio.

  • 2009

    International Agrow Award: : winner in the Stewardship category, which recognizes people, companies and associations that stand out in the sustainable management of plant health products. This award is one of the most important in the agribusiness world and is awarded by British magazine Agrow. The institute has been awarded on several occasions and has obtained a special recommendation from the award committee for closing the life cycle of packages with the production of Ecoplastic, developed at Campo Limpo Plastic Transformation and Recycling S.A.;

    Abrasca Annual Report Award: an award that recognizes the best publications on accountability to stakeholders regarding the criteria of transparency and information clarity. The inpEV report won in the Non-Corporate Organization category;

    EmbalagemMarca Award: this is an incentive of the magazine of the same name, to encourage the pursuit of excellence in packaging in Brazil with focus on the user industry;

    Brazilian Packaging Award Embanews: granted by the magazine Embanews.

  • 2008

    6th Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking 2008: the reverse logistics model of empty crop protection packages was featured in the annual edition of this ranking and was integrated into the BenchMais and FNQ (National Quality Foundation) Databases. The initiative acknowledges socio-environmental knowledge dissemination projects in companies and institutions across Brazil;

    Altamiro de Moura Pacheco Environmental Preservation Award: given to inpEV's operation in the state of Goiás in the categories of Commendation of Ipês and Commendation of the Araguaia. This award is the responsibility of the Environment and Water Resources Commission of the Goiás General Assembly and recognizes companies, entities and people that have been prominent in conserving and defending the environment in the State;

    USP Corporate Communication Award: inpEV was awarded in the Integrated Communication Campaign category for the National Clean Field Day campaign, which included relationship actions with all stakeholders of the agricultural productive chain including tools such as hotsites, standardized visual communication, internal communication and traditional media. The campaign was chosen by a group of professors from ECA (School of Communication and Arts) and FEA (College of Economy, Administration and Accounting Science), both from USP;

    XV ABMR&A Communication Show of Rural and Agribusiness Marketing: the educational campaign "A Natureza Agradece" (Nature is Grateful) received a gold award in the Service Campaign category, and the radio spot "Você agora sabe e sabe que eu sei" (You now know and know that I know), developed for the state of Piauí, won silver in the Phonogram category.

  • 2007

    Brazil Environmental Award: initiative of JB Publishers, with sponsorship by Petrobras, and technical structure conducted by Firjan (Rio de Janeiro Industry Federation), its purpose is to disseminate initiatives that conciliate productive activities and environmental protection. inpEV was awarded in two categories: Environmental Education, with the 2006 National Clean Field Day project and Advertising Campaign on the Environment, with the campaign Nature is Grateful;

    5th Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking 2007: focusing on disseminating socio-environmental knowledge in companies and institutions. inpEV was recognized for the Campaign Nature is Grateful.

  • 2006

    Top Agribusiness Award: an Iepeq (Institute of Quality Studies and Research) initiative focusing on valuing actions that leverage the agricultural sector in Brazil. inpEV was awarded for promoting the correct disposal of empty crop protection packaging. The award was given by Iepeq.

  • 2005

    Master of Science and Technology Award: recognition for the human health and environmental protection efforts. The award was based on surveys by Iepeq.

  • 2003

    XIII ABMR Show of Communication in Rural Marketing: the Campaign Wash Me and Return Me was considered the Best TV Commercial by the Show.