InpEV’s matrix presents eight material topics, i.e., topics considered relevant to all relevant parties of the Institute, which are: Expansion of operations, Operational ecoefficiency, Innovation and technology, Human development; Multistakeholder dialog and cooperation; Education and awareness; Logistics; and Economic feasibility.

In order to define them, an elaboration process was used, organized into three phases: identification, prioritization and strategic validation. During the first phase, identification, topics relevant to the business were listed using document analysis (internal guidelines, sector studies and prior materiality) and a revision, by the management team, of the main impacts, involved parties, and areas. After this, during the prioritization phase, external and internal interviews were conducted as well as on-line consultation with managers, employees and members. Finally, the last phase consisted of strategically validating the list of material topics with the inpEV board.

Throughout this process, all parties consulted by inpEV included: its CEO, Institute managers, external specialists, collaborators and members. These parties were defined by considering the degree of influence inpEV has upon them and their impact on the Institute.

In the following chapters, the main inpEV projects and actions developed during 2018 will be presented in correlation with each material topic.