InpEV’s main source of financing comes from member company contributions, but also includes accreditation fees of partnering recyclers of the Campo Limpo System, initial fees to cover receiving unit costs and rental of the Campo Limpo Plastic Transformation and Recycling S.A. revenues. The budget of its areas is monitored on a monthly basis by managerial meetings as well as by Board meetings. Its financial statements are audited annually by independent auditors.

The Institute’s management is committed with reducing costs and increasing efficiency while at the same time seeking to capture value from the chain managed by inpEV and also by expanding its operational area. To add value to recycling is a way of capturing value and reverting such to mitigate the costs of the Campo Limpo System. This is why Campo Limpo Plastic Recycling and Transformation, since 2008, and Campo Limpo Plastic Lids and Resins, since 2015, have acted as recyclers, by manufacturing and selling new crop protection packaging made with plastic recycled by the System.

In 2018, inpEV implemented several actions intended to reduce costs, increase efficiency and leverage productivity, both for the Institute and the Campo Limpo System. Among these are the restructuring of the Procurement area and the automated cleaning project of package labels and inserts as well as recycling of rigid unwashed container recycling (for more information, see chapters “Innovation and technology” e “Operational Eco-efficiency”).

Economic-financial performance
* Paid by recyclers for sending packages and for the technical cooperation with inpEV.
** Rent paid by the Campo Limpo Plastic Transformation and Recycling to inpEV.
*** Only obligations with suppliers are considered, excluding obligations with central stations and outposts.
  2016 2017 2018
Total assets (R$ million) 96.0 101.1 108.8
Total resources that fund the program (inpEV + links of the chain) accumulated since 2002 (in million R$ ) 1,006 1,129 1,253
Net revenue of activities (R$ million) 116.0 126.5 135.4
Member contributions (R$ million) 61 67 72
Accreditation fees (R$ million) * 12 14 15
Campo Limpo Property Lease (R$ million) ** 7 7 8
Net equity (R$ million) 79 84 98
Net Indebtedness (R$ million) *** 1 2 2